May 4, 2022

Transcending Boundaries -Know your Students

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Team Topper’s United in conversation with the esteemed Principal of Goodley Public School Mrs. Jasbir Bhatia.


  • How does the shadow side of technology affect the students, teachers and the society at large? How do teachers keep up with the challenges?


We are all familiar with hackers who hack accounts but they now claim to hack insulin pumps and heart meters send jolts to patients and cause sudden deaths from a distance. Hence, in today’s scenario, teachers too face challenges where students are getting caught into the web of AI. Artificial intelligence could be human’s last invention so we must treat it carefully or face damnation.


  • What are the new challenges that are faced during the design of the curriculum?


Now as the child is aware of various other options where STEM does not play a major role it is our responsibility to design a curriculum to suit their potentials. We have to give due regard to creativity and allow children to make mistakes and learn from them. Efforts have to come from all of us responsible for rearing children, parents as well as the school to encourage a child to dream according to his potential and passion and not hold them at bay.


  • There is an open-ended conversation about feminism, equality, and women empowerment. How can we reach out to a child and explain these concepts and ingrain this thought in their minds?


We who have taken the onus of educating our children have to introduce our children to feminism. They have to be groomed in such a way that everyone can have the same education, opportunities and power. Today’s leaders do not need physical attributes but intelligent, creative and innovative rules. We need to raise our sons and daughters without any difference. So, while raising our children we should take ability and interest into consideration and not the gender while choosing career opportunities.


  • How important is spiritual growth for students? How can we encourage it among them?


We need to guide our children to be calm. So that they grow up to be responsible, mindful and balanced individuals. At school, children and teachers remain silent for a minute at the beginning of every period.

During the assemblies they are reminded to give up the use of negative words like ‘I’, ‘Ego’, ‘Gossip’ and ‘Jealousy’ and encourage the use of ‘We’, ‘love’, ‘smile’, ‘success’, ‘knowledge’.


  • What changes in society is now reflected in the education system and culture also?


Indian Family structure has undergone a shift from usual system. With the shift, parents are supporting a child from behind, encouraging them to carve their own niche. Parents should wear off some responsibilities slowly and not leave them totally to make their own decisions. Guidance is needed.

The National assessment of Educational Progress has improved due to two factors, Parental education has increased and family size has decreased. The ideal situation will always be when school, parents and community works together to promote health, and learning of a child.