February 21, 2019 School

All that’s Warm is not Wool – Winter Uniforms for Schools

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Parents are always concerned about their child’s well-being, especially when they are going to school. In the chilly winter season, they leave no stone un-turned in taking all sorts of precautionary measures to prevent their children from catching a cold. The school authorities, on the other hand, put their best foot forward with the right selection of woolen clothes that not only keep up the spirit of the school but also help them fight back the cold.

Donning a school uniform is a matter of pride for both school and students. Fine designers with their sheer hard work and brilliance come up with school uniform ideas involving a dash of creativity, enthusiasm and are savvy with the latest technology.

Our Belief

At Toppers United, we believe that winter uniforms should do justice to the school identity irrespective of the season. Hence, it becomes imperative to choose the right fabric without compromising on quality. After a lot of research and keeping the highest quality standards in mind, our talented in-house designers recommend the following fabrics that make the best winter-wear school uniforms.

100% Daffodil Acrylic

For the winter season, our designers choose to make bespoke uniforms such as sweatshirts, track pants, cardigans, jackets with hood, half sleeves and full sleeves sweater in 100% Daffodil Acrylic fabric. The science behind using this fabric that it is resilient and sunlight resistance by nature. Acrylic has got wool-like aesthetics which is work well in knitted apparels. Apart from saving students from the winter-chills, these apparels look ultra-modern, which is a prerequisite for every millennial.

Premium Cotton Viscose

With a myriad of qualities, cotton viscose is the perfect choice for styling girls trousers and pleated skirts this winters.  Made from renewable plants, this eco-friendly fiber is versatile when blended with other fibers. Viscose has got brilliant color retention properties apart from being smooth, soft and warm. Premium cotton is breathable and light. Combine the two and you have a highly recommended fabric that our designers love.

Fine Polyester Cotton

‘The solid white shirt is iconic, functional and symbolically associated with power and purity’. Keeping this point in consideration, it is quite usual to have at least one white apparel in school uniforms. The band collar shirt or the regular white shirt adds a sense of sophistication to boy’s uniforms, which is designed in fine quality polyester cotton. The prime reason for using this fabric is its durability and abrasion-resistance qualities. A white shirt paired with the perfect black or grey colored pants will make the boys look smart.

Fine Wool Fabric

One of the quintessential clothing piece in winters is blazers. A blazer can smoothly fit a student’s well-fitted pants or smartly designed pleated skirts. It is definitely ‘a winter wear-must that provides you warmth and softness. Fine woolen fabric is used to make our blazers. The higher the quantity of wool, the warmer the blazer is.  The fabric is often selected based on the altitude and location of the school.

Lycra, cotton, and nylon

To keep the toes warmer and sweat-free, cotton socks mixed with lycra and nylon protect student’s feet in this weather. Feet perspire and a possible solution to this is using cotton, which is great in trapping moisture. A small amount of Lycra and Nylon added to cotton adds elasticity providing a good fit along with durability and strength.

Understanding your concerns, implementing your ideas and respecting your vision is something we are serious about at Toppers United. So, if you are looking out for any customization in school uniforms with a fine selection of fabrics unique for your school, talk to us today!