February 18, 2019 School Uniform

Uniforms Play a Vital Role in Building a Child’s Confidence

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If there is one thing that never goes out of fashion, it is a smart school uniform. The shirt, tie and blazer
combination can make a huge difference in the way a student feels for their school and its community,
where they have to spend more than 6-8 hours every day.
We all are aware of the fact that appearances take us a long way. What we wear has a serious impact on
our personality and a school uniform is no exception to the case. A well put together ensemble has a
positive impact on the student’s attitude and gives them the confidence to represent their school with
pride, wherever they go. It not only gives them a feeling of belonging among-st their peers but also
boosts their spirit.

Uniforms Increase the Spirit of Equality and Unity Among Students

When all students in a school wear the same uniform, it bridges the socio-economic gap between
children and promotes equality. No student feels that he/she has to maintain certain fashion standards,
which reinforces the fact that their school is a safe place where they will not be judged basis their choice
of outfit. It improves their thinking and behavior. Uniforms take away the pressure of having to choose a
new outfit for school each day; they create a sense of pride and confidence.
Growing up in today’s fast-changing world, there is an incredible amount of pressure on young school-
going girls and boys to excel academically and in other fields. They could do avoiding thinking about
what to wear every day. To wear clothes that are considered ‘fashionable’ is not easy and affordable for
all. It is a problem that separates students into different categories, the ones who wear fancy and
expensive clothes and the ones who don’t. The latter half of students are often inflicted with low self-
esteem and lack confidence, which impacts their overall performance.

Uniforms Positively Influence Students Attitude

When children wear a school uniform, they become the flag bearers of their school’s reputation and
identity. It gives them something to feel proud of in an integral way. This has a positive effect on their
attitude towards life in general and their peers in particular. It eliminates unwanted competition
among-st students and levels the playing field for all. They feel self-confident and learn to appreciate
themselves and others as they can go to school and feel equal with their peers.
A well thought about uniform policy for students is a must in schools for building their confidence and
teaching students to appreciate character over appearance. When external factors of dressing up are
eliminated, students feel more comfortable interacting with their fellow students, teachers and staff,
which not only brings about a cordial environment in the school but also promotes a safe and
comfortable atmosphere, where a child can bloom to his/her full capability.

Builds the Foundation Of A Strong & Confident Personality

School uniforms are often made from low quality polyester fabric that is extremely uncomfortable to
wear, making students dread wearing their school uniforms for long hours. At Toppers United, we take
pride in creating unique and stylish uniforms made from the finest of fabrics that are both pleasing to
look at and comfortable to wear. As ambassadors of their school, when students adorn such a
comfortable and attractive piece of clothing as their uniform, they automatically feel relaxed and wear
their uniforms with a sense of self-expression and freedom. This eventually elevates their confidence
and improves their overall personality, which reflects on the school too.