March 4, 2019 It’s all about the service at Toppers United

It’s all about the service at Toppers United

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Toppers United is a name synonymous with very high quality, customized school
uniforms. Rendering our services across 42+ schools pan India, our bespoke uniform
manufacturing company is changing the fashion game of school uniforms in today’s
era. Our dedicated in-house designers are committed to producing garments that
outlast and are of high-quality for both boys and girls.  Whether it is purchasing school
shirts, customizing kids uniform or buying school uniform online, Toppers United has got
everything covered under one roof.

From the selection of fabrics to the creation of custom designs, our designers take care
of all the needs of our patron institutions. Our merchandisers look after the process of
sampling, production, online sales, and delivery to ensure a smooth working that
delivers results in time. Considering parameters like colors, quality, and fit of the fabric,
the uniforms are manufactured in a world-class 10,00,000 sq. ft. a state-of-the-art plant
that meets all international standards.


Made in partnership with India’s second largest manufacturer of suit materials,
Siyaram’s; the school uniforms are exquisitely made to withstand the toughest strains
during rigorous school activities. Every one of these designer-school-uniforms has to
pass through 32 quality checks. Only if the testing team approves of the piece
produced, it is accepted. Durability and comfort are the quintessential elements of our
product development process.

At Toppers United, we also offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to meet your
uniform needs. Based on the institutions requirements, the uniforms are redesigned or
customized. The blended fabrics are designed to make students look stylish, sharp and
feel comfortable in their school uniforms. Our merchandisers and designers have
always laid emphasis on clients’ valuable suggestions. We pay great attention to these
details and cater to every individual need of students.

The online uniform section comprises of jackets, shirts, belts, socks, track pants, boys
and girls trousers, tie, shoes, shorts, sweaters (half and full sleeves), school bags, and
track shirts. Uniforms are also available in different house patterns or colours.
Do uniforms make the school better? Absolutely! Donning school uniforms promotes
equality and imbibes the spirit of unity among students. And when the uniform comes of
their choice, they show it off with pride.

We take pride in the superior quality of uniforms we create. According to us, school
uniforms may be mandatory, but they don’t have to be boring!
So, if you are a school looking for options to customize or buy high-quality school
uniforms online, talk to us at 98213 6569.